Vampire girl make up

Hello dear community,

here i want to show a vampire make up i did for a friend. 

The first step was to take a dental impression from her teeth to create vampire teeth. I asked  her for special bite characteristics like under/overbite,  crunching teeth and so on, so that i knew what i had to account in the design.
After casting a gypsum positive, i sealed it with 5 minute epoxy and started sculpting. Once the sculpture was ready, i did a a silicone mold and casted the teeth out of dental resin and painted them with stains to the original tooth shade of her teeth.
I picked up her original tooth design in the sculpture, so the vampire teeth implemented into the natural line to give it more believability.

I sealed the teeth with 5 minute epoxy and polished them (after i took the shown picture) because i registrated some imperfections  :D

Switching between white, red, brown and black cream make up, fixative spray and eyeliner, the makeup went more and more to finish.
To give it a final touch, i thinned down a mixed violet cream make up with alcohol and airbrushed some veins on gently. 
After she put in the contact lenses and the teeth in, i spreckled some theatre- blood onto the cleavage. 

That's what she looked like when she went to the halloween party:

The teeth fitted perfect. I hadnt to fix them at any point.
The makeup lasted all night long in the "Nina" club.

I hope you like it :-)



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