(Thought I'd start this forum page, since I know Teresa's busy, so, as she stated from WEEK #1)
"There was a bunch of different homework assigned so get to work! You can post pictures, links or ask questions. Use this Forum to your advantage!"
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    Hi Shannon,
    (Thanks Connor for starting the thread)

    When we are calculating our overhead do we treat it as though this is the only job/income we are currently working with or do we take into account other sources?

    For instance although I do have rent etc for my workshop I get a certain amount of income from my retail sales as well as a regular contract I have. So would I subtract that income from my overhead or would I calculate my overhead without them and treat them as a bonus/profit?

    ALSO - I noticed the practice script has no scene or paragraph numbers. Are we only supposed to list the page # then when we do the breakdown?
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    Hi Shannon,

    I sent you an email via facebook but it may be in your "others" folder.

    Thank you.

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    My pleasure Kate,

    I'm nearly finished with the homework myself, I have a few questions:
    1.) Where we would send it once it's completed?
    2.) What are we required to turn in?
    3.) Is there a certain order we put the files in, for submission?

    Thank you everyone!
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    I think we're missing Teresa's post here :D 
    Any news from Shannon or Teresa? 
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