'Alien' chestburster - "whatever's around the house" build

Hi everyone! Have been lurking SWS and all your inspiring work for a while, so now seems as good a time as ever to start posting - loving everyone's Halloween costumes and props :) 

For my housemates' Halloween party, I decided to go as Kane from Alien and do a speedy "chestburster" build out of what materials I could find kicking around the house.

From a core of polystyrene (left over from a Christmas wreath kit) I built up a few layers of Crayola Model Magic; what it lacks in fine detail it makes up for in lightness and quick-drying qualities! Then I painted him with some truly abysmal cheap craft paints, did a few layers of polyurethane varnish, and finally covered him in Ben Nye blood (yes, that was 'lying around the house') and KY Jelly (ditto, haha). I created a harness with some EVA craft foam and papier mache, sewed some snap-fasteners onto an old sports bra to hold it in place, quickly whipped up a Nostromo crew shirt with a Uniqlo tee and some cotton tape, and my awful son was the hit of the party. I have no doubt this won't be the most impressive Halloween costume but given the speed of the build and the bargain basement "craft room" materials, I was pretty stoked with the results. 


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    Haha! That's awesome and impressive considering your limited supplies and time!
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    Thank you! It sure got a lot of great reactions from other guests at our Halloween party   :D
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