Twisty The Clown

What are you hiding behind your smile?

Twisty The Clown is a character from American Horror Story Freak Show. Twisty got dealt a tough hand. After being dropped on his head as a baby, he found happiness as a clown who was so popular he angered other circus performers. So they falsely accused him of diddling kids. Blacklisted from the carnie circuit, he tries to commit suicide via shotgun, but only succeeds in blowing off the lower half of his face. At this point, Twisty really starts dealing with the tragedy of his life poorly by going on a serial killing spree and kidnapping children that he feels would be better off in his care than that of their “mean” parents who make them do chores and refuse to let them eat candy.

METHOD | First I made the mask, using a cereal box, cotton wool and PVA glue. All coloured in with make up for ever Flash and cinema palettes and sealed around the mouth with clear nail varnish. The head piece is a crappy thick 'bald cap' I got from Amazon and stapled some backcombed hair extensions to, that I then coloured with the flash palette. The face is coloured with Color White, black cream paint around the eyes and nose, Anger mood pencil on the waterline from Linda Hallberg Cosmetics and the face was dirtied up with MUFE charcoal powder. I then placed Ben Nye scab blood at the edge of the bald cap. The jaw is cotton wool and liquid latex.  A couple of false nails stuck in as teeth, painted with cream paints and covered in KY Jelly to look lovely and slobbery 🤣 what a beauty!


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