Two Face / Harvey Dent Make Up

Harvey Dent's gruesome alter ego from Batman. What do you think?

METHOD | first of all I covered my brows and built up cotton wool and latex around my eye. I then painted thin layers of latex all over my face and when slightly dry I picked holes into it in different sizes. I then built up the area around my jaw and added in the false nails for teeth. Once everything was dry I painted a layer of red all over, then stippled on another layer of thin latex to which I stuck coffee granules. This was the nicest smelling makeup I've done so far 😂 I then went in with Charcoal Powder and left just a little of the red peeking through. I made sure the holes I made earlier were nice and pink and the one on my chin was bone coloured and then lube them up with some clear gloss. The eye was a cheap one from Poundland that I re painted with alcohol paints, gloss this up too so it has a nice icky shine to it! The other side I used a SFX sponge and charcoal Powder for my stubble and drew myself in a more 'manly' brow. Everything I used was Make Up For Ever flash palette and cinema palette and Mehron Liquid Latex


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