Mermaid - On The Rocks

Hi guys!  <3 I have been a lurker on SWSCA for a while now, and I have learned so many things. It`s my first time trying to participate in a contest. I ended up forgetting an SD card for my DSLR and only had my iPhone for the night, so I really hope this photo  quality cuts it!

Backstory, the model is obsessed with mermaids, so naturally, wanting to make a costume she would enjoy, I designed sand conceptualized this creation. One of my concerns was having a tail that made it obvious that her feet were in there, so I tried to figure out a way to make her tail look like it was purely a tail. And voila, out came the mermaid tail-rock dress! It looks funny when she`s walking, because it`s basically a mergirl floating around on a rock lol.
I am a total amateur but I did my very best with the limited tools available to me. I know the people here have some amazing creations, so for many years, I didn't have the courage to participate but here I am, even if it`s just to showcase the many things I have learned and been inspired by SWSCA so far! I love everyone`s designs so far, and thanks to SWSCA for helping me learn so many things about costume creation! 

Next year I will buy better tools and material and do my best to level up even more! Thanks so much!  <3

Testing if we like blue skin with it or not with a suit we had laying around. Don`t ask why I have this laying around. Lol (It was for a different costume.)

Finished! (Sorry hotel guys for having a photo shoot in your lobby lol. Mergirl`s gotta do what a mergirl`s gotta do!)  

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