Spider Mommy - Costume Contest

I'm excited to share! This was my first ever attempt at a latex mask. I've wanted to try making some kind of professional mask since I was a teen, so now, as a 35 year old mom of two... I'm thrilled to finally have accomplished it. The courses here were so helpful. Couldn't have done it without them!  I followed the "How to Make a Latex Rubber Mask" three part series with Tim Martin and also learned a lot from the book Techniques of Three-Dimensional Makeup. Plus, lots of posting on the forums here and asking for help and advice which really cleared things up at times.

The costume was a huge hit, though. I had trick or treat parents asking for selfies with me. :) It was a long time coming I guess. I started at the end of August with my lifecasting (thanks to my family helping out). Made an ultracal positive. Sculpted my original idea in WED clay. I did my mold with Hydrocal and then some repairs with epoxy cement afterwards. I filled this to the brim with liquid latex, and then my mold straps started slipping off and latex was gushing out everywhere! I thought it was going to be ruined, but I managed to wrestle it back onto the table and used copious amounts of duct tape and saved it. 

When I finally pulled it, I was so scared, but I was shocked that for my first time I actually had a useable mask! I got to airbrush for the first time (Bought myself my first airbrush! I've always wanted one!) I even laid a bit of hair! 

We decorated our front walk with a spiderweb made of beef netting, polyester spiderweb, and pvc pipes. We also incorporated a fog machine, lighting, and a projector with spider animations (from AtmosFX). My gloves are also self drafted and sewn with some plastic claws inserted into the top part of the tips and poking out. The costume is a generic store purchase but we added some spiderweb to it and hid my mask seam with some of my scarves. Added a store-bought wig to complete it and some black sclera contacts. It was hilarious standing in the spiderweb tunnel with my back to people and then suddenly turning around to reveal my spider face.

I am already thinking about next Halloween and I can't wait to do more! So many more cool courses here to learn! Happy Halloween, everyone!

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