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started off by buying jordu schell's stream DVD to learn sculpting...

inspired by the transformers since young and have been fantasizing them by sketching until i have decided sculpt them..can anyone advise me how to sculpture precise mechanical parts like hydraulics, springs and duplicating them? is it possible to integrate non-clay stuff (electronics parts like LED) into the sculpture, if yes, please advise me. thank you

am using super sculpey for my work. appreciate any comments to improve on my work. thank you


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    I think when it comes to sculpting adding part and piece of pre-made objects is fair game. With that said just make sure your sculpting is up to skill level as far as detailing as the pieces your adding. Ex: It would look out of place to have a highly detailed head of hair on a caricature same goes with paint jobs. Seeing as you'll have to bake the Sculpey in the oven I would be aware of the melting temp of the objects you are adding or may sure you can remove these objects before baking and glue them in once cooled + painted. I would also advise working larger when you first start out. It is easier to get forms, shapes and textures. Once you feel comfortable then move to a smaller size.
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    Adding non-sculpted pieces is a fairly common practice, and can really help when making hard edged mechanical components.

    One great tip (From Don Lanning's 3 part "Character Design" sculpting series) is to take a sample of your clay to a paint store and have them color match some paint for you.  You can then paint any parts you wish to add so you have a consistent color to your character.

    Don's lessons can be found here:  Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.  He's an amazing sculptor and wonderful instructor.

    Happy sculpting!


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    thanks pals, for your comments and suggestions. i will try to do one sculpted, baked and painted version of the head pieces prior going into half body / full body version. guess, i have to do it step by step..there is so much to learn and do from sculpturing (50%) to painting (50%) = finished piece (100%).

    i am also toying with the idea of baking with the use of heat gun or cooking with water though, yes, i can bake (without the electronics parts) and then insert them in later but am unsure and think that it will not turn up well as it it not sculptured as one piece..sorry i am new to sculpturing..

    that is a good one, yes, i have noticed this issue when adding other precise parts (e.g. spring) into the sculptured pieces, it just don't flow well as i have yet to perfect my art.  Actually i did not know that it is fine to add non-clay type pieces to clay sculpture, i thought it is only in mixed media art (e.g. plastic modelling) that they do that. i have been studying pop art sculpturing pieces that it is hard to tell which are the clay pieces and which are not.
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