Ash Williams From Evil Dead "Dead By Dawn" Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Version

I had a lot of fun making this costume. The clothes were made last halloween, just fixed some things like adding more blood and dirt. The Chainsaw its mostly made of eva foam and cardboard. I sculpted the deadite mask, that is made of liquid latex, the eyes and teeth are made of acrylic. Henrietta's head was sculpted and made of liquid latex, the teeth are made of acrylic and the eye is a plastic ball. I glued some hair with latex. The Necronomicon is made of papier mache and cardboard. There are some scar prosthetics. The boomstick its made of plastic tubes, eva foam, wood and somemetal pieces. Everything was made by me, sculpting, molding, making the pieces, painting, etc. except for the boomstick, a friend helped me with that.

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