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n this discussion: Please upload the images (4) of your work by Midnight (12AM PDT) Thursday, July 19th. So Casey has time to look at your work and prepare as helpful a critique as possible.

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  • Help! Is it possible the liqutex high gloss varnish is eating my paint? Have sprayed three cup fulls on, no gloss , it's just soaking in, muting all my colors , and there is crumbling all over the surface of the sculpt. Any help is appreciated , so close to being done, has been a hellish paint day start to finish
  • See pic for crumbling
  • Ditched the liqutex and went with a gloss lacour I had, not sure how it will react with sculpey though, gloss coat looks great in person, but does some weird stuff to colors in the pictures, will have to experiment with lighting, this last day was an uphill battle every step of the way, calling him done
  • I personally think it looks cool. Great job!

  • Thanks Anthony, pictures taken under my work light make the interference blue look so strong, it's actually very subtle, will taken more in some different lighting till I get something a little truer to the piece, the eye though it doesn't look like much took me literally all day, must have done ten times at least, would get so far and then moisture and spidering every time and would have start over, even this final product got misted a bit by the blue which knocked the lime green way back,
  • Hi all

    Well I have finally got done and I think Casey's advise was spot on

    I am very happy with the green shimmer coat finish.

    Thanks Casey

    Well hope you like it comments always welcome.

    It's been great meeting you all, I hope we can keep in touch on here.

    and keep posting work guys it great to look at.

    Steve C


  • I have been waiting for the last class to be uploaded. I cant remember if Casey wanted matt or high gloss vanish to seal. Do any of you guys remember. Now I always put pics early by I need to work tomorrow a 24hrs shift. Getting home on Thursday morning. Am I to assume it is late if I hand it in on the Thursday the 18th? 

  • Hi Anthony

    Homework needs to be in on Thursday at midnight.

    Gloss I think

    Steve C

  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    Hi Gloss Varnish, Anthony! Hope it's going well with your paint job, my friend.
    I am very impressed by how your projects came out, Marc and Steve. Very nice colors and "professionalism" from what I can see. Kudos. I know you had some painting mishaps, Marc...but it DID turn out well! 
    I too hope we can all keep in touch. There is a lot of talent here in this forum!
  • Thanks Stan

    How's your painting coming along

    Steve C

  • thanks guys, I really really need a new compressor. Constant spatter. :(. Still a love hate with the airbrush. lol. I have some of you guys on FB. Hope we do stay in contact. 

  • I posted some of my other work under the student image gallery. Take a look. :)

  • Hey guys, I had no time this week so I barely got any paint on my sculpt just the first layer of purple. I am heading out of town for the rest of the week so I wont be able to finish. I am struggling a bit with the shell part of the head so any ideas would be great.Casey I also wanted to ask if you think the purple on top should be the same as the bottom skin? It will fade in and out with some browns on top. I will have a full two days to paint next week so I will post it Tuesday night. Thanks so much for the experience your classes were extremely inspirational. 
  • Great stuff guys, anyone know if the final week's video will be made available ?
  • Brogan, I feel the character you created is so kick ass. Marc I have been waiting for the video too. 
  • Marc I cant find you on FB. 
  • Anthony, set up an account just to enter the Dino contest, don't even know how to access it, my email is [email protected], feel free to drop a line about anything, till I get the fb thing squared away
  • Want to wait and hear the critique from Casey before I do anything and post...any idea when the class video will be up?
  • Im in the same boat. Usually is posted on wed morning. But nothing yesterday and today.

  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    Need to paint the base and then overspray Liquitex High Gloss Lacquer and epoxy wet areas. Otherwise the Yuckmouth creature is nearly done. Fun bust to paint and learn so many new techniques! Cannot thank you enough, Casey! I hope all of us students can keep in touch!image
  • Christopher VaughanChristopher Vaughan ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hey guys sorry no class video yet, We will get it to you soon. -Chris
  • Hi, and sorry for posting so late, I've got a very busy week. I've remade the alien color skin a bit and also maked the corrections of Casey. I want to remember that its the first time paint using airbrush. I think that the eyres could be better, but I think it gets better week by week like all my companions.
    Best regards for all!

  • Still needs some work.
  • Apologize for the double post, just can't get a good photo with the high gloss varnish, though it looks great in person, these were taken before the application, and is more representative of the colors.
  • Anthony LatonyAnthony Latony ✭✭✭
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    for some reason the iridescent  doesn't show. On my end it is strong. I wanted to make the dark areas look like a bug shell similar to a roach. If any one has a better technique to show it better let me know.
  • Anthony LatonyAnthony Latony ✭✭✭
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  • Hi Everyone,

    I was having trouble getting back on here- mostly due to my crazy schedule, now in the middle of moving my home and studio. Im getting together the grading from the painting class for everyone but i need everyone to post here their final pieces so I can see them.

    Thank you!

  • ---by the way great painting everyone that has posted! Very nice to see how everyones work has come along since the last class!

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