The Volt Miner original character. sculpted/casted/painted and fabricated by myself

I sculpted, moulded, casted, and painted the in and outside mask and chest piece. I weathered the pants and an old london fog wool coat I cut sleeves off of. Fabricated sleeves from black trash bags with heat gun and paints to look like severe electrical burns. Fabricated and foam filled/made all weapons on the tool to include 2 sided hook, pipe, and 1 lb. Sledge hammer. Sculpted the individual (victim) body parts sitting in the tool belt. (Fingers, eyes, ears) made miners hat from a hard hat, small paint container with a battery t light inside, all weathered with multiple paint colors. Used dye to weather leather tool belt and gloves then powdered entry ensemble after spray with krylon clear to make it stick and look like it's aged and old. 

Transformer power pack made from plastic 5 gal. Bucket, pvc, pool noodles cut and heat gunned, with faux Barb wire and other wires from old personal item laying around. Painted all to look busted then added lights to top and inside to flicker. 
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