Space Godzilla

After tackling Godzilla I got the rubber suit bug real bad so the following year I went bigger, and badder.  Space Godzilla was a different set of problems as I wanted the shoulder crystals to light up but needed enough stability.  In short the whole head/shoulder/torso and back "fin" was all one piece and about 20 lbs.  Support wires were needed to hold the plexiglass crystals upright (thus the exposed wire wrapped around each crystal) 

 In short I came pretty close to what I wanted him to look like

To save time I gutted and skinned the original Godzilla suit so I wouldn't have to do all that texturing again for the skin, then used house latex in a sapphire blue.  I still have a truncated problem with the lower body (I'm 5'2" so not really tall enough to get that bulky leg and butt that the original has) but I'm not stable enough to walk on stilts or platforms.  I also had Space Godzilla sounds recorded on an mp3 playing near the neck of the suit

 The rest of the crystals are posterboard shaped and painted in hologram glitter..


  • Not bad at all, Dawn.  Nice work with those shoulder crystals.

    Next time, you just need to rescale your prints and design work based off of your outline and measurements, and use a duct tape dummy when building everything out.  That should fix most of the issues you had with proper proportioning and might even help a bit with the structural stability of elements like the shoulder crystals.  You'll end up with a suit that's easier to move in to boot since you can line up the joints with your own.)
  • I use a regular manikin that's sized for my body... unfortunately it doesn't have legs so I stuffed a pair of jeans and wiggled them onto the waist of the dummy.  I am working on rebuilding the Godzilla, using a foot tall version to duct tape a pattern and sized it up with a flashlight onto trace paper.  Hopefully I'll get the proper Godzilla butt.  Currently the Big Guy is sidelined because my "friends' suggested I needed to build Cthulhu first.

    Someday I'll get somebody to help me with a duct tape dummy.   I'm way too short and chunky to proper add the volume these suits really need.  My last build was Gamera and I managed to get a tall teenager to wear the suit.  Not as fun as wearing the costumes myself, but it was fun to see the turtle wobbling around.

  • I remember seeing a Gamera when I was there in '16, was that the one you mentioned?
  • this is my Gamera... 
  • Okay, that wasn't the one parked next to my suit in the green room, but they seem familiar.  Maybe they were in a friend's photolog.
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