Unblossomed Rose - The Power Of Makeup

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"Makeup can be a powerful tool...

One has the free will to express themselves, be bold, be confident, be unique, and stand out to extraordinary levels.

But some tend to forget the true "Power of Makeup.

Take the Unblossomed Rose for example.

With its petals wound tightly and thorns exposed, the Unblossomed Rose does not yet know its hidden secret.

Only when the Unblossomed Rose is ready to release all that it has hidden from the world, does it realize there was a beauty held inside itself all along.

To Truly understand and embrace the "Power of Makeup",

You must first learn to love yourself...

Just as the Unblossomed Rose."


~ Written By: Shanice L. Wadell

Products Used:
Mehron AQ Paradise Water Activated Body Paints
NYX Cosmetics products (including the SFX Cream Colors)
Bald Cap
Pros Aide
Goblin Green Mini Sclera Lenses from Sclera Lenses DotCom

-Homemade Custom Long Nails.
-I customized the lashes painting them Lime green with AQ Paradise Body Paints in Lime Green.
- Blossom Headpiece made from light weight modelit clay.
- Rose petal dress and collar made of a giant craft store rose that I deconstructed and repurposed.

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