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If you want you can post your Website and Social Media links in this discussion. You are also more than welcome to post the before and after pictures of your website improvements.

Or you can email Livecomments@stanwinstonschool. 


  • So here is my current site:  (I have .ca as well)

    and my current business Facebook page:

    But.... *deep breath* I do have an _older_ portfolio page that I've more or less abandoned in favor of the Daley Kreations one. It's got a lot of my earlier, not so great pieces.

    But now I'm wondering - is there _anything_ salvageable from this? 

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    "Connor Asher is the CEO & founder of Creventive

    An entertainer of various arts. Working as: Director, Actor, Puppeteer, Artist, Musician, Graphic Artist, Builder, Animator.

    Currently in "Chicago Illinois", planning to study at the Art Institute of LosAngeles, after graduating from High school, to further his skills in the industry as a working artist.

    He has taken multiple classes with “Stan Winston's School of Character Arts” to advance his skills in practical effects and creature creation. These are just a few of the classes he has taken so far:

    "Hand & Rod Puppet" & "Foam Carving puppets/simple mechs" with Bj Guyer. 
    "Fabricate a Monster Suit (Kaiju Project)" with Ted Haines & Bill Bryan, also have taken 
    "Cable Mechnism Basics" with Richard Landon. 
    "Making Creature Eyes" with John Cherevka 
    "Zbrush Creature Sculpting" with Josh Herman 
    "Anamatronic Characters - Organic Mechanics" with Rick Lazzarini 
    "The Business of making monsters" with Shannon Shea 

    He has also directed various projects and taught classes on television puppetry throughout the Chicagoland area!

    Thank you for reading, please feel free to contact me:

    Personal website:

    Company website:

  • Hey guys' here is my current and very out of date site - that I'm updating images and even rebranding my website.

    But here you go: (current/old site) (more portfolio work) (facebook business page)

    All of these are my current works. Will be relaunching myself as as of January 1st 2015.

  • Here is my current website...this will be the "Before" version...hoping to have the "After" (see 'improved') version up by the weekend.  I welcome all suggestions   =)

  • Hey Langley,

    (glad you snuck in on this, I wasn't sure if the watch and chat folks could post here too.)

    Anyway, a few things I noticed right away:

    1. Great start website, I can't wait to see the next one. I really like your studio name.
    2. Like Shannon Shea (or maybe this was Matt Winston on day 1) mentioned folks usually skim through websites to see photos and hate reading. I completely agree with this I hate reading stuff too. (I know I know, as I post this long message.) But how do you get around this when you need to explain who you are and what you can do? I am personally putting that on my bio page. A tip that I like to use on making my own site is I usually look up Sfx artists or whoever I'm inspired by and know they have a successful career and see how their page is laid out. It's almost always picture heavy. 
    Two different suggestions:
    3. No blog on your web page. Or so Shannon said. Again I agree with that due to it being word heavy. Maybe focus more "blog" stuff on your business Facebook page? I'm sort of a blog newb. (Again this was mentioned on day 1)
    4. The header image for special makeup effects - is this from a Seattle zombie walk event? I'm pretty sure I recognize that tall/zombie leader guy Eric Pope, if this isn't 100% all your makeup I wouldn't use this as my main "look I can do great Sfx makeup" image. You want that photo to be great, since it's the first thing folks see. And previously living in Seattle I know first hand fans who attend that event do their own somewhat bad makeup that later becomes a sweaty mess. 
    5. Lastly, the word "services" was really confusing. I had no idea that's where your portfolio was. 

    However, I REALLY like you're "sculptural maquette"!! Did you paint that and everything yourself? It's great!! What material is that?

    Good luck on the site!

  • Thanks Carmen!  Yeah, I'm still tweaking this thing with a wrench  =)   I'm currently getting "real" photographs of pieces for the gallery.  I agree with the excessive wording critique...but also, I work in a very small market and many of my clients really don't know what many of these things I'm explaining them.  The pic you are talking about is not from a zombie walk (although that IS Eric Pope in there)'s from a commercial for Mackie Speakers that we did 2 years ago.  I was the SPFX makeup artist for the shoot...ultimately I assembled a team of 10 artists who all worked on getting 160 zombies ready in 4 hours.  It's not presented as anything other than a still from a project I was in charge of...a decorative header.  As I get better photos pulled together for the sight, many of these headers will be replaced with presentation shots   =)
  • That maquette is my baby  =)   It's Super Sculpey with an inner core of foil...painted with acrylic washes...and rice grains for teeth  LOL
  • I understand "using images you have for now" and updating when you can. There is nothing wrong with that. My old website is full of that to be honest. Also, clever on the rice grains for teeth. I don't think I would have guessed that right away.
  • Since then he's had some dental work done...rice grains are cool, because of their translucency, but they're not very strong  LOL
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