My Best Beast so far

I labored over this creation for months. It is my own spin on Disney's take on Beauty and the Beast however my Beast is neither the one from the Animated show nor exactly like the one on the live action film. I spent months hand painting and then several more months prepping blending and hand punching my Beasty Boys glorious mane. I had to get a suit custom tailored to not only fit my female form but to fit over the foam padded muscle shirt I wore under it all to give me more of that hulking  upper body. I built calves and feet over old white gogo boots and found that I had to add extra lace to the pants to bridge the gap between the boot tops and the pant cuffs. I had a pattern to build werewolf feet but never had the time to build them from scratch. While there are things I would tweak further overall I was happy with how it turned out. My Gloves were repurposed Werewolf Gloves by Zagone. My application was rough but I took the plain kit from FX Warehouse and made it my own Beast.
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