Rocket Raccoon Costume from Guardians of the Galaxy!!!

I made this as my son’s Halloween costume. This was my first costume build.  

Some of the supplies. 

Hand-painted eyes using glass beads. 

The donor mask, which I used as a shell. 

Sculpting new features. 

Trying it on with the new nose, lips, teeth and eyes. 

The fur looked more like a werewolf before it was painted. 

The initial mask didn't have a back, so I added one. 

After hand-painting the fur. 

One of the donor guns, before paint and modifications. 

The guns after paint and mods. 

The donor "feet." 

After handmade claws and fur. 

I added real badger claws to some gloves and then covered them with fur and painted them. 

The pattern for the backpack. 

Backpack and shoulder pads formed using rubber mats. 

I painted a plastic dome and put a light inside. 

I wasn't happy with the sleeves being so wide but I ran out of time. 

I used a vintage Boy Scout belt and ammo pouches for his belt. 

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