Szass Tam *Completed*



  • Halloween our plans fell apart. No photo shoot or downtown Minneapolis shenanigans. We decide to hand out candy. We average about 4 trick or treaters a year. So very small audience. Worth the time to have some fun right?

  • The face fuzz had to go, wife hated that part. I haven’t shaved in 4 years 
  • Things didn’t go as planned, Meaning the photo shoot and the showing off of the work when it was done. However, the main plan was to go out and have a good time, which we did. I learned a lot, and a had a really good time doing it. 

    Even with the prep prep it took a little over 5 hours to Buuld up and makeup.

    during the laying of the latex, I made countless discoveries and after watching only a couple of videos at this point, I feel pretty pleased with the result. I found myself working out techniques that I wouldn’t have thought of before, like making the veins on the head I took yard and soaked it with latex, laid it in my x’s and y’s and then dumped laytex on parchment and when it tried covered the veins to make it look like they were below the characters iron skin.

    im looking forward to my next build and I’ll post it. Should take nearly a year.

    i have lots of Stan Winston videos to watch and bits to figure out. Should be a good time!
  • In order the mask that I sculpted and made to the left that I used toxic materials and couldn’t wear, the helmet I made out of hot glue and LEDs, to the right is the mask I made in a pinch because the toxic fail, and actually wore. I did a lot of the latex sculpting on my face but I was still able to peel it off and salvage it
  • The hands are gloves covered in hot glue and makeup to match the face
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