Issues with oil paint mixing in silicone syrup

So I've been watching Tim Gore and Jamie Grove's realistic skin tone videos and I cant get my oil paint to mix. I've also watched Gary Tunnicliffe's video where he mixes the silicone in the same manner. 
I'm using the Grumbacher Academy paints, GE silicone I, and Naphtha. I've tried several levels of mixtures for the syrup and no matter what I do the oil paint clumps up and will not mix all the way.
I'm wondering if the GE formula has changed since these videos came out? I can't imagine the oil paints have changed much. I can't think of another reason why the paint will not mix (I'm even using the beverage hand mixer). Any help or other ideas would be great. 


  • I even tried direct mixing the oil paint into the silicone before thinning, and while the color took, when I thinned it, it still separated into chunks/bits. I tried several of the oil paints to make sure it wasn't just one of the colors. 
  • Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    Hi Eric :-)

    Could you show some pictures?

    I have bought the cheapest oilpaint- sets on the internet and i have no problems.

    Maybe you have grabbed very rough oilpaints  with "monster-pigment-flakes" so they wont break in the naphta when the viscosity of the  silicone wents to low?
    Do you use original naphta?
    Which kind of silicone do you have? Regular transparent?
    There are also "glass- clear" silicones on the market- maybe there are chemicals in there, which dont cooperate with naphta.


  • I'm using the Grumbacher Academy paints, GE silicone I, and regular Naphtha from Home Depot. I'll try a new batch and grab a few photos. I tried a few different paint colors to rule out a bad batch, but they are all doing this. 
  • Maybe you want to try to mix a small bumb of oilpaint in a cup with Naphtha. 
    If it dont mix evenly, maybe the colors arent oilpaints.
    Maybe they have mixed them with acrylics- i dont know and i dont want to say something bad about the company. 
    But, when its really Naphtha and Oilpaints without any acrylics or other stuff- it has to mix up evenly. 


  • Eric SEric S
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    Now that you mention that, I may have in fact, just assumed I was grabbing oil paints. I'll have to check when I get home. Attention to detail haha. 
    ** Edit **
    Turns out thats exactly what I did in my haste to start painting. I picked up some verified oil paints which I'm sure will turn out fine. Thanks @Kai Rottmann
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  • Hey Eric :-)

    My pleasure ;-)

    Such things can happen, hihi  ;)

    I am glad that you solved the problem ;-)


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