Prisoner Of Pain ~ Demon

Hey everyone!

Here is my first entry into the Stan Winston 2018 Halloween Costume Contest! I call this look, Prisoner of  Pain. When I create looks, I always write and create a whole story and character behind my looks... storytelling and fictional writing has always been a favorite pastime for me along with creating makeup looks. Please continue reading below for my full story behind my ghastly demon. Also below are a list of products used and some snap shots of me making my prosthetic pieces. Hope you all enjoy!

//Prisoner of Pain\\


Without a name, without a face, without a soul... for it takes on the form and alias of all that it inhabits. This demon has stalked this earth since the moment mankind consumed itself with the bitterness of self doubt, hatred, and fear. You see this anonymous demon feeds off those of whom have given into the temptation of a hidden insecurity, a forbidden self hate, a shadow of doubt... and so on the list goes. As it slowly takes your form, this demon sinks its razor teeth into your deepest fears and consumes your soul.

There are no spells, no magic, no biblical phrase that can be spoken to rid this evil..... There is one and ONLY one way to cast this callous demon from ones mind, body and soul. You alone must dig deep within yourself and find just one forgotten shimmer of love. Its a love that each and everyone of us has, but at times is forgotten due to an overwhelming cloud of darkness. If and only when you allow that love to grow, you will start to conquered your own self doubts, your inner hatred, your fears.... that is when this featureless demon will release its jaws from your once brittle core.

But be warned, this demon will take on a new name, a new face, a new soul. Will it be yours? Are you a prisoner of your own pain?

Written By:

~ Shanice L. Wadell 🖤

Products Used:

Mehron Makeup

•Mehron AQ Paradises Painted in White + Black + Red

•Mehron Setting Powder

NYX Cosmetics

•NYX 10 Pod Perfect Filter Palette

Graftobian Makeup

•Blood Paste

-Bald Cap

-Top and Bottom Face Piece sculpted from Modelite Clay. Adhered to face with Pros Aide. White liquid latex & cotton ball pieces smooth out edges of face pieces made.

-Chest/ Stomach piece made using clay to sculpt, and 5 layers of white premium body paint FX Liquid Latex. Adhered to body with Pros Aide.

-Home Made Long Claw Nails - Customized From acrylic nails

-Home Made Demon Teeth Made From ThermoMorph moldable plastic 

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