Alternative Adhesives for Upholstery Foam - Cu Chulainn Alter Cosplay

Hello everyone, Im new here and i was wondering if I could get some advice if you have experience or have encountered the same situation. I currently making Cu Chulainn Alter for cosplay, for those unfamiliar hes basically a half person half reptile/centipede monster. 

(Picture above is my current progress) I made most of the monster part in recycled upholstery foam but my problem is how to cover it up as cheaply as possible. I've learned from the videos to make monster suits that you can use plastic garbage bags to cover the foam but the adhesives they use are really expensive here in our country (Philippines) and are hard to get. So I mostly use contact cement for adhesives but thinking about covering large areas with contact cement causes a lot of harmful fumes. It is a bit of a hassle to use cause I have to use them in small doses and let them cure first before proceeding to the next and it uses a lot of contact cement since i have to apply it on both sides to make them stick together. So I was looking for other alternatives and I found this Elastoseal Sealant by pioneer pro which is a high grade waterproofing sealant. It is slightly a bit pricier than contact cement but not by much. It has less fumes and i can apply it just on one side to stick the plastic to the foam and i doesn't have to wait for it to dry every time i attach pieces together. BUT it is quite thick to apply and im worried it could make the foam heavier? maybe? which is a pit of a problem specifically for the tail that has a lot of area to cover. Any thoughts?
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