How viable is a half bald cap?

So I'm currently working on a character who has a half shaved head.
I've seen Wigs made before where the shaved side was just cut very short, but I find that looks very choppy and isn't quite appropriate for the fade style my character has

In watching the wig and hair basics tutorial they mentioned placing a full lace wig over a bald pate, and that seems like the most realistic way to go about it - however having never worn a bald cap before due to sensory issues, I've got a few questions about how viable that is in a half-wig situation and I'm hoping someone more experienced can help me out

I've seen a few tutorials by YouTube artists where they've simply pinned a section of a bald cap to the side of their heads. It rarely looks good on its own - it's usually used under heavy burn makeup with the MUAs own hair, but if I was attaching the semi-cap to a wig to keep the top pinned down... Could it be viable or would I be wasting a cap by trying?

If I do have to wear a full bald cap beneath that also raises it's own questions about how to pin it. The full-hair section is very thick and heavy, so glue alone wouldn't be sufficient to hold it. Am I able to pin through the cap or will the tension of the cap essentially just shred it?

I do plan on doing my own experiments when the caps arrive, but while I wait I would appreciate any pointers that anyone has to offer!


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    So I've only done this once before. I did a Mr. Zorg (a character from the film Fifth Element) cosplay who has half of his head shaved. When I did it, I just cut a small slit down the center of the bald cap and then applied it normally. Once it was on I pulled a bit of my hair through the slit and styled it in such a way that the slit wasn't visible. you could then stipple paints onto the bald cap to create a fade look.  I don't know if that's a viable option for you. 
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