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sorry if this question has already been presented to the community but I'm new here and very interested in developing skills to work in the fx industry.. I'm interested in subscribing to the courseware but the choices are a bit overwhelming when it comes to putting together a logical progression. Does anyone have a suggested training path that would start out with the basics and then progress to more advanced topics? Any help is greatly appreciated


  • That's a very good question Nate! To be honest, you can't go wrong with any of them! Just depends on which one speaks to your interest the most! For me, I started with How to Make a Mask part 1 by Bruce D. Mitchell, but I understand how it can be overwhelming to choose a place to start! It was for me too! Still is actually! I think a cool place to start would also be with one of the Creature Designing videos and then moving up from there!
    Hope I helped! :smile:
  • thanks for the advice josh.. I do appreciate it. I was just worried that if I picked a course on say maquette sculpting that there was a possibility that some of the basic skills needed for that would have been taught in a more "beginner course" and I'd be going back in search of those basic skills but if you say any of the courses would be good then that's good enough for me!!!  Thanks again
  • Hey Nate,

    One good option is to go to and select "Apprentice" from the "Difficulty" drop-down menu.  This should give you a list of lessons that are great introductions to various aspects of effects.

    If there are any specific areas you are looking to focus on I am happy to suggest some lessons that may help get you started.

  • So first, I officially subscribed.. I've been working my way through Shannon Shea's Garage Monsters tutorial as I went through the Garage Monsters Basics and Studio Setup tutorial which had some great information for me. I think ultimately I want to achieve the same goal as most people here of being able to conceptualize, sculpt, paint, fabricate, and bring my creatures to life.

    So yes, I'm BRAND NEW here and I'm here to learn so I'll take as much advice as people are willing to offer!

  • The Garage Monsters series is a great place to start, especially because he works with tools and materials that are accessible to most people.

    Ted Haines' "Make a Dinosaur" foam fabrication series is also great starting point, so foam fabrication has so many applications.

    And welcome to the community!  If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to task.

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