Szass Tam - Red Wizard of Thay

This is 100% self taught, and scratch made. I’m taking the classes here to learn how to do what I love, with more tools in the tool box.

i made the head out of hot glue, a paintball mask and a Darth Vader helmet. I used 12v led lights for the eyes and head logo. There are also cooling fans inside and I made a voice modulator our of an Optimus Prime helmet and an electric bagpipes chip.

the shoulder armor was made out of worbla, hot glue, more LED lights, house insulation rare earth magnets, paint, and rolls of cosplay weld (duct tape)

the robes are made of cloth and a power circuit using the lining as a membrane 

the staff is made out of a curtain rod, leds and some plexiglass that I burnt and formed over a pipe to match the shape, I cut out the text with an xacto knife. I went with a gravity falls cipher text because it’s funny and looks the part

i made the chest piece out of hot glue and clay. This  was my second attempt at sculpture I put LEDs in it so the logo would stand out 

the cape is cloth, rarer earth magnets with decoration hot glued to them

the book is actually a swag bag,I photoshopped the spell boom design and printed it on canvas, I backed the book with thin board stuff 

I used a bald cap on my wife and little metal rings for the headpiece I painted her makeup on with these weird little white triangle sponge things 
I took little glad ovals to make the glowing jewels and red LEDs 

her armor is also worbla and cloth, tons of hot glue and cosplay weld as well as rare earth magnets 

her staff is a pool cue and garden lights hidden inside by hogging out the cue and filling with electronics. I also used leather for covering and hidden micro switches 

i have a biklion pictues of rhe build and the failures to get there 
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