My Nightmare Totoro!

My Nightmare Totoro is based off of every ones favorite massive cuddly creature known as Totoro created by Hayao Miyazaki.

The head is a fiber glassed dome, sculpted face plate and sculpted teeth, molded and cast in resin. Foam was added to fatten up the face and then fur was added to create the skin. 

The eyes are acrylic domes with printed iris and resin eye whites with red threading for veining.

The body suit is a soft foam patterned out and contact cemented together with an internal harness with 2 steal hoops to keep the suit from caving in. then the foam suit pattern was used to create the fur outer suit and internal liner, 111 pieces were hand sewn together to create the creature suit.

the internal head has a 3.5mm camera  hidden in the cracks of the teeth and  a 4in lcd screen for vision.

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