4 legged windigo predator stilt beast!!

so here's my character I've been working on for a year an a half.
the materials are silicone mask,silicone chest piece,flex foam for arm and leg skins. and dry wall stilts with forarm crutches.
stands at 9 ft tall and im pretty fast on the legs.
id say the hardest part was the leg molds. 


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    a close up of the hands
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    My email is aronbrough@yahoo.com.
    I've got hundreds of pics if you want to see how somthing was done, or I'll explain it in detail.
    This project was extremely expensive, FYI.
    Everything I know is from watching and studying the stanwinston tutorials.
    Especially the molding ones!
    I would really love to to be able to study more.
    I'm not very interested in the immortal mask. (I prefer to make my own)

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