Make A Latex Rubber Mask Part 3 Question

In Tim Martins how to he uses naptha to clean his airbrush.  Would solvents like naptha or acetone eat the seals of your airbrush causing problems later on?  I use acetone to clean the outside of my brush.  I'm tempted to use it for a cleaner in general but worry that I might damage the airbrush in the process.


  • Hi Tommy,

    When cleaning your airbrush it is best to limit the use of solvents where possible, as they can be hard on components of the airbrush, though sometimes solvents are required.  Different airbrushes will react differently to solvents, as some (like external mix brushes) don't have rubber seals.

    Your best bet is to use airbrush cleaner where possible.  If you need to use a solvent, limit the exposure (don't soak it for a long time) and clean with non-wire cleaning brushes that don't scratch the metal.  For example, the metal at the center of pipe cleaners can scratch vital components if not careful.

    You will need to use a solvent when working with materials that will not be removed with airbrush cleaner alone.  But that's just part of working with these materials, all we can do is mitigate damage and be as careful when cleaning the tools as possible.

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