Pennywise from IT Movie 2017

This is my Pennywise cosplay from the movie IT 2017. All the details of the costume, pompoms, laces, boots, full makeup and wig made by me. I made it and used it for the first time on December 2017 and then during all these last months I was improving the details of the costume and makeup so I can use it again for this Halloween and more coming cons. I don't have pictures from the back in high quality, but in the latest improvements I added to the suit the spine that it has in the back.
Thanks to this characterization I had the honor of meeting in person Jaeden Lieberher (aka Bill Denbrough) as well as the director Andy Muschietti and his sister and producer Barbara Muschietti.
I also add my makeup video tutorial link below and my Instagram so you can see more pics and info.
Thank you Stan Winston for this opportunity!!! And Happy Halloween to everyone!!
- Makeup tutorial: https://youtu.be/G0B1Ok5xFWc


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