Last horse costume I swear but this one needs to be shown. This mask is made entirely of foam and slips over the horses head and bridle compleatly covering all of the horse, I was commissioned only to build down to the horses shoulders so I also built a foam neck and mane to match the head all of this came together to create the beloved bullseye the horse from toy story this mask features 3d mesh eyes allowing the horse to see and safety from rubbing. The mouth of the mask is also open allowing ventilation and the ability to feed the bullseye character. This costume is a feat in it's own due to the fact that the horse a prey animal had to be willing to completely cover it's own head eyes and ears leaving it very vulnerable and then it was still rode and directed by the rider, the horse was trained very carefully to perform in this mask and over all I feel the foam and fleece mask was a huge success 
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