Horse Halloween

I never saw in the rules that it had to be a costume for me...I was hired for a while to make costumes for performance horses this was my first ever attempt at building a mask for a horse that would let them still ride with a bridle and have full vision, the horse was dressed to be a dragon equine hybrid. This costume also had a full set of moving wings that opened closed and rotated. They were made of PVC and a metal frame mounting the the riders saddle so they would be held on well. Costume was complete with a tail peice breast price and leg pieces for the horse that sadly never made it into a photo. The original mask design was a 2 part plastic resin that I poured into a silicone mold after sculpting out the mask on a horse mannequin. This was my first time sculpting a mask, creating a mold, and casting. Luckily the first cast turned out because the mold was lost in the process.  The mask was then airbrushed. The rider wore a head dress that matched the horses mask design and a long robe.  The second mask seen with the child rider was made after the first mask was lost, I created a spray foam block and carved the mask out of it, after that I paper and glued over the entire mask and painted it. Not many people can say the make horse Halloween costumes


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    Love it!!!!  Shows how calm that horse is.I make costumes for my niece's horse for 4-H. Our past themes have been bumblebee, Nightmare before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland and Warrior goddess and her Pegasus unicorn . It's so fun.
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