Have a few questions, guess you could help me with it.
First of all I’m so far from all the electronics and etc. So if it’s possible answer it very clearly and simply 😅😅
And all the problem is that I would like to make dog sculpture ,made of silicone which could “breath”. ( that up & down effect) 
Is there any easy way to do it, tried searching on Youtube&Google -nothing...

Hope you can help me with any info or links!

Thank you 

( hope you will understand my bad english 😅)


  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Hi Dominyka,

    One way to get this effect is make a ribcage inside the character that can expand in and out when a cam shaft rotates.  Sadly I can't find any examples of this type of mechanism at the moment.  But if you look at how cam shafts can work with linkages you should be able to visualize some solutions.

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