HOMEWORK WEEK TWO: Prosthetic Application

Hello Workshop Students,

Please post any questions you have and the pictures of your finished application!



  • Hi Teresa
    We've had a crazy week and haven't finished our applications.  Can we get an additional week to finish and send pics?  Thanks.
  • Hello, Rob.

    Due to a number of circumstances  beyond my control, (i.e. weather), and my desire to turn in my best work possible, my final submission will be a little late. Ironically, many of these circumstances are the same ones many film-productions are forced to face constantly.

    My original model is no longer available, just as soon as they realized there was no payment, and that this was for practice/portfolio. And my replacement model is only available on weekends, although not THIS weekend.

    So, while I’ve been definitely facing some difficulties, I’m working hard to get it done as soon as possible. Rest assured though, it will be fully documented in narrative and photographically.

    -Jeffrey Warren Park
  • Hi there.  I have 4 pictures: A beak prosthetic, the molds for the beak, and a partial-face prosthetic (applied and painted) made in the lifecast mold because I liked the texture and wanted to see how it would come out.  I welcome any feedback you have after seeing the photos.

    Little issues along the way but I think both my daughter and I understand how to improve our process to make better sculpts and better molds.  

    I enjoyed the class.  Thank you.


  • I do have a question, if you please:
    I made the formula of glycerine, gelatine, zinc, pigment and flocking.  I added cream of tartar because I have it and don't need it for anything else.  My usual formula is equal glycerine and sorbitol plus the other ingredients (no baking soda or tartar).  This new formula seems much 'stickier' and it was very difficult to keep the flashing edges from rolling over and sticking to itself.  And I had to powder it heavily to handle.  Is this what you would expect if not using sorbitol in the formula or is there another culprit to watch out for?


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