Mold making for a figure made of Chavant

I'm new to the figure sculpting and mold making and I have some questions about the molding process...

-Do i really need to use silicon to make a mold ? Why can't i use only plaster and then after it hardens ,heat the chavant (I'm using nsp chavant) to melt it out of the hardened plaster with a torch or a heat gun??


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    Hey Nikolas, welcome on board ;-)

    The question about the mold depends on which material you want to cast. 

    If you want to cast a hard material like Resin, epoxy, plaster etc.- the mold has to be soft- like silicone.
    If you want to cast soft materials like platinum silicone, latex, oilbased clay etc.- the mold has to be hard- like plaster, stone, epoxy etc.

    Imagine what happens to the cast and mold, when you have some undercuts and you are casting resin into a platster mold. 
    I will be locked in really hard xD.

    You are able to do a hard material mold for hard casting materials, but you have to make sure, that the mold is a multiple part mold without any undercuts which could be locked in. And you have also to make sure, that you are using the right sealants and release agents.
    Otherwise, you can cast platinum silicone in a silicone mold, too. 
    Castingmaterials like latex, should be casted in a mold which soaks the moisture out of the latex. For example a hard plaster mold. 
    I tried to cast latex in a non soaking epoxy mold,.. it took me 5! (five) ! days to cast two alien gloves,... I had to brush in a layer of latex and let it fully dry by air and a hairdryer,.. layer after layer,.. two molds,.. five days,.. 3-4 hours a day,.. brushing- drying, brushing- drying and so on  xDD

    That are my suggestions and i hope they will help.

    Have fun with your projects and never stop creating ;-)


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