silicon painting realistic flesh tones, a question about isopropyl alcohol!

Hello, I really enjoy Jamie S. Grove's class, and feel I have learnt a lot about the way slurries are made. My only question is how isopropyl alcohol is used in the process. He mentions it as one of the chemicals you need, but I missed how it is used. I may have missed it in an abbreviated re-watch. I imagine it might be used for cleaning the airbrush or it might slow down the gelling of the silicon slurry?? I'm trying to get up to speed before I attempt some painting of my own!
Anyway, all the best.   


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    Hey ccris,

    i think it was used only for the silicone surface cleaning to remove any oils and chemical residues .
    As far as i know, silicone paints arent thinned down with alcohol rather with Naphta or Novocs.

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    Thanks for the feedback. 
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