Alien Art Contest Entry: Nocturnal Customs Limited W.I.P.

Running out of time for this competition so I thought I better post my incomplete entries to start with. I started this first entry a couple of days ago but then lost a day yesterday relapsing from chronic pain. 

DESCRIPTION: AKSION NATIVE; This Alien looks ferocious but with those chompers it is likely that it is vegetarian. Those are grinding and chewing teeth, not biting or tearing ones! Mostly blind this creature uses its nostrils to "see" by smell. 

DESCRIPTION: ENOCHIAN CYBERDRONE; This mouthless creature was genetically created by the reptillian shapeshifters as worker drones and soldiers. The Enochian Cyberdrones are biosynthetic life forms.


DESCRIPTION: HERMPHRODITOS; A Draconian Reptillian genetic engineer from Niribu, Hermaphroditos is one of the ancient aliens that bioengineered the human race to harvest gold to run their gravity machines. Compared to the human lifespan the Draconians are immortal in comparison. Living beyond memory and then growing new bodies to download their essence into when they need to extend their already vast life spans. Hermaphroditos has been revered as a God throughout human history, but it's true identity and agenda is far more nefarious.
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