Hello Workshop students!

Please post your Photoshop paintings here. Remember you are more than welcome to post work in progress pieces so Terry can help you through the process. 

Can't wait to see more of your work!



  • Hey Everyone,
    I would encourage you all to post your works-in-progress here so that I can give feedback along the way. Can't wait to see what you've all done.

  • man i am having nothing but problems trying to paint this. i tried to do two different backgrounds, but i cant get the colors on the face to turn out. all my lines get blurred out when i try to paint over them
  • well I feel a little better on the face coloring, the background was really throwing me off.
  • Hey Richard,
    Thanks for posting this. I think you're off to a really good start. The background is looking good and I see you've worked out your values. The texture on the right side seems a bit intense... unless you're going for some sort of energy blast I would tone that one down. Maybe lose the directional lines...
    As far as the skin tones, make sure your "flow" is set low, and dont go too heavy with the pressure. You just want to "tint" what is already there really. If the lines are blurring you might try using a smaller harder brush... you will have to go in and use a pretty fine brush when you paint all the detail.
    I would lightly paint in some flesh-tones on the left side, then some deep reds on the right...
  • Yes, much better. Coming along nicely, Richard ;)
  • put a little bit of color in the burned side. I am trying to have like scarred chemical burned flesh over some exposed muscle and tendons. I looked up a lot of chemical burns (especially eyes)...yikes...I am still concerned about the hair though. can i get a picture of the brush you use for hair, i've tried to make a couple but it still isn't working how i want. the eyebrows and hair scare me most of all. i should have a finished piece tomorrow if all goes as anticipated. 
  • i want to put more background back in before I do the hair. I thought about just leaving the "Harvey" side with the smokey school picture backdrop that is there now and going with the crazy lines from the first post behind bad Harvey. what do you think ? and if so what color? you mentioned reds before, but I dont know if that might blend in to much with his scars or not. or maybe just brighter reds?
  • i still cant get the hair to turn out
  • Hey Richard,
    This is looking good. I meant for you to put reds into the right (burned) side of his face, not the background. That would be too much red. I would go with a cool grey maybe. The diagonal line texture is still a bit intense. Its competing against all the texture you've created in his face and is getting a little busy on the right side. You're going to need to balance the left side now. Maybe darkening it down down behind him a bit...
    I'll attach a pic of my "hair" brush for you too.

  • This is From Ashton.
  • Hi Ashton,
    This is coming along nicely. I would say keep going and refining the detail.
    I would recommend researching actual photos of real water. Google image search "splash"  "water" "surfing" etc so you see how real water reacts to light, and forms etc... otherwise you're just guessing. Itsa little too, "air-brush-y" at the moment.

  • Here is what I have so far, struggling with learning photoshop as this is one of my first experiments with the program, still far from where I want her to be but slowly learning the program as I go
  • Hmmm, no image was attached, Summer...
  • Sorry about that! 
  • Hopefully it posted this time 
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