The Stalker – Fully Painted 7″ Resin Sculpture

Name: The Stalker
Origin: Unknown
Age: Unknown

Bio: The origins of the Stalker are unknown. Its name stems from the method of hunting it uses to “Stalk” its prey. The exoskeleton is made up of a hard bone-like tissue that is stronger then any know material on earth. The first stalker was found washed up, lifeless, on shore only a few months after the Creature from the Deep appeared in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan. The creature from the Deep had already created quite a stir in the fishing community that found him. Now the Stalker just confirmed to many in the area that aliens were among us. The only question remaining was how many more of these dead creatures would show up and what would happen if they were alive? Just like the Creature form the Deep, the very first Stalker was taken away by men in black suits again representing United States authorities. People who talked too “loud” about this discover were starting to disappear themselves.

 I spent roughly 6 weeks digitally sculpting in ZBrush, 3D Printing the model, sanding and painting, and finishing this sculpture to enter it into the contest.

See video: https://jacobmansfield.com/the-stalker-promo/


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    Awesome sculpt, very tidy print and a killer paintjob and backstory!   :open_mouth:
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    Thanks Dene, this was a fun assignment and project to make! Next I’m going to work on a full body sculpture of the Stalker. Should be fun!
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