Star Wars inspired alien silicone prosthetic makeup

Being a huge Star Wars fan, I wanted to create a character I could imagine existing in that universe. Living in the bustling underground of Coruscant, Dara Biral is head of a large Death Stick dealing network. Her design is heavily inspired by aquatic creatures; the nautilus, lionfish, and cuttlefish in particular. Her quills are removable, and she's been known to throw a few dart-style when she feels threatened. The cowl was sculpted in WED clay and ran in foam. The facial and neck prosthetics were sculpted in chavant medium and cast in silicone. The membranes on the back were given their translucency with a pros-aide transfer placed on top. The dentures were sculpted in chavant clay and then cast in dental acrylic. This was a dream project of mine, thanks for looking!

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