Psychic Alien From an Oceanic World

I chose to use Chavant's NSP hard sulphur-free plasteline for this creation, as a first time creator I have struggled on some sections, but none the less working hard on this creation.
This beautiful woman inspired by the more alien parts of my mind, decided to find her way through the clay and reveal herself. 
From a distant, primarily oceanic world, her race moved onto land to expand and evolve further. 
Her race has 5 eyes to cater for both under water excursions as well as on land, with the centre eye operating in a similar way to the human crystal balls... with a higher rate of accuracy.
As her race is a psychic race, they have split off into different religious factions, her sub dermal cheek implants represent her High Priestess ranking within her particular church.
All feedback is muchly appreciated as I am new to this style and technique of crafting.
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