The Kugloucoccus alien with bunch of eyes

This is an alien species Kugloucoccus from a distant planet. This alien feeds through the skin between the eyes by absorbing sun and nutrients, similar to plants. Given that it is heavily exposed to sunlight, predators constantly strike it. It is deaf so it has developed a bunch of eyes that help the alien in daily survival. The alien is very quick and agile. It can turn in milliseconds on any side when attacked. It has the ability to camouflage and become similar to a variety of herbs growing on a coveted planet. Inside the head, there is a brain and respiratory system that is connected with the skin. It reproduces through an egg that comes out of the eye (as a tear). The egg size is about 3 cm (2'') and depending on how much time it has spent in the sun, it can grow between 3 cm and 3 meter (2'' and 9 feet), while some die immediately because they are so small that they are often trampled.

I'm sending you a handsketch of Kugloucoccus because the technology did not work there :)

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