Muttnik... or something sorta Laika

When the Starman found Laika, she was overheating and near asphyxiation.  What cruel beings would jettison a sentient life-form into orbit without proper cooling units or re-entry mechanisms?  Thinking quickly, the Starman reached for his Med-pak and found the gene fusing syringe.  He quickly administered the shot and instantly the metamorphosis began.  Laika the Soviet Space Pioneer was setting two records..... First Earth organism in orbit and first Earth organism to fuse with alien DNA.  Not bad for a mutt from the streets of Moscow.  I wonder what lies in the great beyond for the Starman and his new extraterrestrial pooch.

Laika was made from polymer clay, faux fur, wire, found objects, LED lights, vintage Army Surplus clothing, and painted with Acrylic.

**My son wanted to make sure Laika's "air conditioning tube" was working


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