Alien Dragon Xenomorph King with Wing Design

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Saw everyone doing xenomorph design, so I create one as well.
Is a xenomorph that inflected a dragon.
It has wings with transparent yellow ( the color of its acid blood) skin. 
But because this xenomorph is too heavy, so its wing only use for Intimidation 
Video of the drawing:

(ps: click the picture to look at the detail, thanks )

Alien head closes up : 

Hope you like the design :) 

And  for share,
here are the other xenomorph animal sketches that I drawed 

Xenomorph + cheetah 

Xenomorph + Shark:

Xenomorph + spider and Xenomorph + Hyena

Xenomorph leapord 

Xenomorph morph and xenomorph bigfoot

Xenomorph hippo

xenomorph chupacabra

Xenomorph lion 

Xenomorph scorpion

Xenomorph eargle 

Xenomorph ox/ cow

Xenomorph gorilla 

Hope you like it :) 

I aslo have the other two alien design for stanwitson artschool alien contest
Epic Alien fish 
and 4Dimension Dino 
please have a look and like too

About myself :

My name is Tew Jin Yee , aka LuciferYee0102

I love to draw a monster, creature, and animals

u can find more art at 

my facebook page: LuciferYee0102 Creature Design 

and my Instagram: LuciferYee0102 

I hope I can win the contest, 

stanwinston art school has everything I want to learn for creating awesome alien, monster, and creature.

I WANT TO LEARN MORE !!! I love to create them, I won't let u down.

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