Hello Workshop Students!

Please post pictures of work in progress and your final pencil portrait drawing here.



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    Well just started but figured I'd post a few in progress drawings. I decided to draw Bruce Cambell as two face (the Batman villain)
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    Hey Richard, this is looking really good. I would be mindful of your proportions. It looks like the forehead could be a little small (maybe because you're running out of room on top of the page). His right eye might be a little high too. I really like your concept and am excited to see your final pencils.
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    Yea the eye was off, I lowered it and added more details to the burned side of the face but I'm afraid it looks less like Bruce Cambell now
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    Final pencils
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    Very nice finish here, Richard. I like all the detail you put into the "burned" side of his face. And I think it still looks like Bruce. I'll show you some tools I use to help modify your sketch in photoshop.
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    Unfortunately due to a prolonged family emergency I wasn't able to finish. It still needs a lot of work but this is my homework so far. It is singer Floor Jansen, the new lead singer from Nightwish (and a bunch of other bands). I drew her siren as that is one of Nightwish's signature themes.

    Edit: fixed up the arms a bit

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    Sorry this is a little late, this is my spanish senorita, was going for a very 1920s silent movie look. Would just like to say that everyones work looks awesome! So happy to be included with such great artists!:)
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    Hi Ashton,
    Sorry to hear about your family emergency. Hope everyone is all right.
    Your portrait is coming along very nicely. Great job on the eyes, hair and facial expression. Are you working from a photo for the body or are you making that up? There are some issues with the anatomy and proportions in the arms. The neck area needs to be resolved a bit more. Perhaps softening that hard line under her chin on the left would help. Just needs a bit more finessing and refining, but overall really well done.

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    Hi Summer,
    You are correct, everyone is doing a terrific job on their homework, you included. In regards to your portrait, I would have only a few minor suggestions: The rendering you've done on her eyes is lovely, however the right eye (her left) seems a bit cross eyed. I don't know if you intended to have her looking at the viewer or gazing off in the distance, but its just a little off. Her left side of the face is a little off as well. Just need to round that cheek/ jawline to make her face more symmetrical. Overall, lovely piece.

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    So I found the solution to the little brush problem I was having yesterday during class. We were all clicking the right buttons, I just had a feature clicked off ;)

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    Yea you both are very good. Ashton, I look forward to seeing your finished piece, I can tell by the face and hair how good you are.
    Summer, I really love the lace work you did, I know how hard that is, all your fabrics look really good.
    I generally don't spend this much time on a single piece, but I'm liking the results so much I'm thinking of doing a series using this style. Hopefully I can get the photoshop to turn out as well.
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    Thank you Richard! Your work is amazing and thank you so much for the compliment! The lace was very tedious, I tried in vain to find an authentic spanish patterned lace that I liked so instead I just used shadows to define a random pattern. I was quite pleased with how it came out since fabric is not one of my strong areas. I am still quite lost when it comes to photoshop but I am excited to give it a shot, with Terry's instruction I am feeling a little more confident:)  
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    Hey there ! 

    Looks like I missed out a bit on the live part of the course, no way to escape work on time these past few weeks .
    All of you are so talented and amazing I have to say posting here is a bit intimidating. 
    I really look forward to see everyone's finished piece! 

    Terry , thank you so much for the videos, watching you do your art is an honour and definitely helped a lot!
    here's my drawing so far, still WIP, but hopefully I'll be able to get more time around Christmas. :) 
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    Hi Adelaide,

    Sorry y missed out on the course but glad you got to watch the videos. Your drawing is pretty good and your proportions are pretty close. I would suggest working on you rendering skills and start defining those shapes and forms. don't be afraid to go darker in the shadows.
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