joystick pulley

hi everyone. i saw the animatronics video a while ago and got inspired to make a 3-way joystick like in the video. i didnt have cnc machine available, but i had a friend with a 3d printer and decided to make it a shot. we made a 3d model after screenshots of the video:P and printed it, made molds and casted it in plastic. off cause it isnt as sturdy as an aluminum one but for lighter animatronics it works fine. it got finished last week so i am still improving and testing it.


and here is the very first test,its at the end of the day and im not that good puppeteer:P 



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    Very nice!  Great use of rapid prototyping and casting when you don't have the resources for machining aluminum.  Are your models available anywhere online?

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    no, not yet anyway.i have just made them and feel i have to test and improve it a little first. for example had i a thought today on witch material i will cast them in. winter is coming to sweden fast now, and resin and cold dont match that well if one were to use them out door. anyone here have any suggestions on a super durable cold resistant pourable plastic? 
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    Being from LA I have no experience with resin/epoxy performance in cold temperatures, but I too am curious if anyone out there has any good suggestions.

    Also wondering if there is any kind of reinforcement that could make the components durable enough for larger loads.


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    That is truly awesome.  I hope you will be able to make some blue prints and parts layout of the system you just made.  

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    Very cool, I want to do something like this for my first project for when I move on to animatronics. Not there yet hopefully with in the new year I will. I hope that by then that some light is put on the cool question, cause I will have to work around it if it is not.
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    You are a freaking genius! But how did you machine the clamped pulleys?
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    Great work.
    I've made a few pulley's in my time and a quick way to do it is to cut several circles of acrylic (or plastic of your choice) and then glue/bolt them together.

    For example  3 x 2inch and 2 x 1.75 inch circles. Call large A and the smaller one B

    Then you pt them together in the following  A,B,A,B,A  and glue. If the cables are heavy then you can drill and bolt together as well.

    The thickness of the plastic will depend on how thick your cable will be as you want your cable to go in to the slot created but the differing circle sizes.

    As an additional finishing touch  put a bolt through the axle and spin it up with a drill - then use a file to bevel the edges of the A circle so that the cable will be guided in better.

    I can usually whip up a double pulley in about 10 mins or less :):) so it does not take long at all. Plus most parts you will have floating around a workshop. Offcuts of plastic, bolts, nuts, glue :)

    Take Care

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    Looks great. What software did you use to design the pulleys/housing?


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