Leisurely Jautja

Hi folks! My name is Craig, I’m from north London and I’m a self taught ameatur sculptor. My 3 alien designs are my leisurely yautja ‘predator,’ his hunting dog and the poor creature being eaten! I like to make stories for the characters I create and with this one in particular I looked at the old school colonial hunters of the 1850’s and how they would hunt. This predator is therefore armed with a ridiculously oversized rifle for taking down the biggest, baddest prey in the galaxy and his tracking dog for back up and the hunt. He is a long distance hunter, stalking from afar and taking his time achieving that perfect shot. He also likes the occasional snack.... I know it’s incomplete but hoping that can be overlooked as I only had today and a couple of hours yesterday to do it. All sculpts are made with a steel wire frame and tin foil to bulk out. Super sculpey firm, original and milliput are the main materials I sculpt with.


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