How to Make a Mask-Part One-Bruce D. Mitchell

In part one of Bruce D. Mitchell's "How To Make A Mask", he goes over the materials necessary for sculpting your mask and the process of how to create it. I don't think Bruce leaves out any detail when he is instructing. He goes over the entire thing quite thoroughly while adding in a good sense of humor! His art style and technique is amazing and very intriguing. I would definitely recommend this lesson to anyone who is even slightly interested in making masks!
Good luck everyone!


  • Bruce is such an amazing artist.  I was fortunate enough to see some of his masks (including the one from this lesson) in person at Monsterpalooza.

  • Oh man! That's so radical! I would love to see some of his masks in person or to just talk to him!
  • this was the first class I got from stan Winston schools. It was awesome and im hooked. I was always hoping he would make another video on the moving parts and magnets installed on the more elaborate masks.
  • Same here! I would love to find out how he does it!
  • WE WANT PART 3!!! I get three classes a month and I still watch his first two over and over even with it being a minimal part of what I want to end up doing. I just cant get over how awesome his masks are please for the love of kittens and puppies everywhere bring us part 3

  • it would be Great to have another installment of the Mask Series.  Please do!
  • the tutorial was so help me to improve my artwoks.
  • Very thorough and informative. I'm just getting started in 3D art (A very late start I might add) and all of this is just great. I like his methods for getting textures, I believe the will help in other areas as well. I like his teaching style and thorough explanations. I would definitely watch any course he taught.
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