“An ancient civilitation return to planet earth after thousend of years to claim and collect a precious mineral”
Characteristics and Aspects to consider from Reptilians:
- Humanoids, semi reptiles and semi Gods.
- Technologically advanced.
- Evil:Implacables, wicked and egocentrics.
- Militarised.
- They live in a nomadic way through the universe, although their origin is the Planet Keus.
- They collect precious mineral which allows them to remain immortal and create and invent artifacts of domination and destruction.

Artist comments:
This is a personal IP. As an illustrator I started the concepts with a few sketches then I moved back and forward throw Zbrush modeling and Photoshop. The Final rendering has been done with photoshop using some base materials and ligthing passes from Zbrush.

Thanks for your visit and good look to you all!
Best regards,
Alan (Dukardtart)


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