Hello everyone!

Please post your finished stop motion movie scene in this category if you haven't posted it already.

We can't wait to see them all!



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    Is this end of day on Saturday when this is due? I only have time the day on Saturday to finish this project off.
  • Trista, yes you can post end of day on Saturday.

    Thanks for the update. And I can't wait to see your movie! 
  • Yay! Thank you!

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    Here's the first exercise. I hope to do a small scene tonight, but this is just a film test to see how the puppet functions.
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    Right, so frustrating technical difficulties. This is what I got before my camera and dragon frame stopped wanting to talk to each other. A step further and I would have almost been done that scene. Sigh. Perhaps tomorrow my tech will want to play nice.
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  • Trista:

    Did you solve your technical difficulties? Let me know and I might be able to talk you through it.

  • I haven't yet, but I'm looking into drivers for my camera. I hope to have a little bit of time this weekend, but I'm working all the way through to CTN, to make up the time I'm taking off. I'll try again saturday night, and let you know how it goes. 
  • Trista, your set is impressive, and you have smooth movement going on in your test. The walk is a tough one, especially with a husky puppet. Lifting the feet for a walk cycle is tricky. An option might be to support your broad character from behind and try a sliding, shuffling motion of the legs and body as a variation of the walk. You don't need technical difficulties on top of the difficulties of the already difficult animation technique. I know you'll get there.
  • Yeah, smooth-ish. The left arm was jittery, and I didn't notice until later. But I think I need to use the surface gauge at multiple points, not just the head. I was hoping I didn't have to use a rig, but I don't think I'll get full foot mobility otherwise. I tried to reference video that I acted out, but I think the puppet is a bit top heavy. I think I found out what the tech trouble was, and dive right in when I get back from burbank next week. 
    Also, should I fill in the holes from the footfalls with...clay or something? 
  • Always try and fill the holes. Mix clay that matches your ground color. What you are discovering is all part of the learning curve. Don't be discouraged.
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    Here I am, late as ever due to various personal problem and the stop motion degree course and life commitments. I have finished my first stop motion film. Its not zombies and such but I have used some of the techniques we were taught. I'd love to know what you think. Thank  you so much for the course, it was wonderful! :)


  • Love it Stellan!

  • Stellan great job! Looks so good!
  • Thank you!!!
  • Excellent job Stellan. A very simple premise with a great payoff at the end. Well done.
  • Thanks alot Edward!!!! :)
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