Alien Art contest Entry

On and off for the past couple months I had been working on something relating to a alien species I was inspired to create for a space travel based RPG I've been involved in with friends for the past year.  I've been calling them Reptars as a place holder. 
Essentially they are a species made up of a mix of rodent and reptilian features. My main reference being the wharf rat, bearded lizard and a tinsy bit of carnivorous dinosaurs. 
Some of the earmarks of the species include a triangular head with an obvious rodent profile. A mix of scales and fur covering their body; their fur can even have a porcupine effect in some sections where the two meet. While scales typically adorn their brow and form a bearded dragon-esque beard around their cheeks and lower jaw; they have clusters of them throughout their bodies. Their 'beard' can do much like a bearded dragon, turning black when they feel threatened and puff out. One difference however is it has the elasticity of a rodent's cheeks allowing them to store small objects in them. The clusters of spikes doing a good job at masking something is even there at times. They have arms that aren't proportionate to their body and a large retractable claw on both their feet. 
They can contort their bodies to fit in tight places some of them have even managed to regrow limbs.

The species are primarily diggers working as miners and are more subterranean dwellers that tend to keep to themselves in general often mistaken for mole men when spotted by those unaware of their kind. They have sharp, innovative minds, often designing machinery that balance out their biological challenges.

This Reptar in particular however has gone against many of his kind's traditions after a tragic accident in the mine persuaded him to change his path in life. Lars here decided he was going to take his extensive knowledge of explosives and pursue a new career; one that appealed to his sense of adventure and greed a bit more. A work for hire mercenary, he is often on the run from police and performing jobs that promise both of those criteria. However a combination of that and his bad habits have lead to him building up a pretty long, growing rap sheet.

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