Alien Art Contest entry: Bounty Hunter

The Great Plan of the Klingon Empire

but not

Fearful of the Enterprise interference in Kronos, the Klingons hired Aqualitak Reward Hunter from planet Frobus to infiltrate the Enterprise to kill James T. Kirk.
Of course, he did not succeed.

I decided to base this character on the classic alien style of the 60's which was a really fun thing to do from the look of the alien to even his props.
From the fictional universe of Star Trek I  create a story where Aqualitak was a former general of the planet Frobus, and because of the destruction of his planet caused by the mining by the Romulans, Aqualitak became a fast and lethal mercenary.


Because of the lack of material I decided  to make the classic cotton + latex technique, which resulted in only 3 days, almost at the end of the dead line of the contest.

This was the first time I created a full character, and I was pleased with the end result.

Life long, and prosper!

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