Epic Alien fish from the outer space that absorb light and electricity.

edited September 2018 in Alien Art Contest 2018


( video I recorded when I'm drawing, I don't know how why it won't show out here, sorry about that. )

(click on the picture to look in original size and its detail thanks)

This is an epic fish-like alien creature that absorbs light and electricity to sustain its life. Its fins help to disperse extra electricity out of the body into the air.


This Creature cannot digest high-protein and high fiber complex food such as meat and vegetables, its only can eat some simple live creatures such as jellyfishes that easy to digest.


If it eats a human, the human will not be digested but burned into a charred corpse because of its high voltage and high heat body. It seems like I don't need to buy an oven anymore.


Its micro-hexagonal scales also can refract the light and let it become invisible too. 

Route of absorbing and dispersing the electricity 

some preview pencil sketches :

About myself :

My name is Tew Jin Yee , aka LuciferYee0102

I love to draw a monster, creature, and animals

u can find more art at 

my facebook page: LuciferYee0102 Creature Design 


and my Instagram: LuciferYee0102


I hope I can win the contest, 

stanwinston art school has everything I want to learn for creating awesome alien, monster, and creature.

I WANT TO LEARN MORE !!! I love to create them, I won't let u down.

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